CodeCast Brand Identity

Brand Identity, Web Design

An updated brand identity for the early-stage startup aims to be fun and colourful, bold, modern and confident, helping passionate developers teach each other.

CodeCast is an open teaching and learning platform for coding, made for software developers to create high-value training materials by capturing and sharing their codes. I helped CodeCast rebuild a new brand identity and create graphical deliverables.


CodeCast Team, Tammam Kbeili (Founder & CEO), Nelson Lee (Product Manager)

My Role

Brand Design, Web Design, Illustration, Concept Development


Oct 2020 - Mar 2021



CodeCast Web Design Overview.
CodeCast Mug
CodeCast Poster
CodeCast T-shirt
CodeCast Mask

The New Identity
Designed to be timeless and versatile for youths and facilitating a learning environment.

While the old logo design reflected a fun and technical aspect of CodeCast’s identity, there were challenges with flexibility with certain applications in terms of legibility and adaptability.

The final symbol was the main central graphical piece with splashes of bright colours represented from code editor highlights. The symbol represents the qualities of the platform for code and video playing, CodeCast.

Brand + Style Guideline

To give a face-lift to this brand, I started creating a Brand + Style Guideline in collaboration with our team for the brand personality, voice + tone, target audience, and value proposition together.

CodeCast Styleguide

Marketing Site

After the new brand identity was in place, my team and I put together a new website that utilizes the new design language, content, and feature illustrations.

The site's goal is to show-and-tell our audiences how we can create their stories in our platform, how they can teach and what they can learn, creating space for developers to learn, range and code interactivity.

Live site:

CodeCast home page

Reflection - Don’t be afraid to explore and take a risk

Exploration of ideas can be scary and risky, especially helping a new start-up building a new brand. I need to think about how the business might evolve. Does it stand for the time’s weathering? Is it reflective of CodeCast’s identity? A lot of constraints could easily lock down creativity.

In the end, I like the final result, as it was a highlight point amongst my team to talk about in our weekly standups. I learned to be more explorative and bold with my ideas, truly trust the process.