Fall from the Sky

VR, Gaming, Video

The Brief

Fall from the Sky is a VR exploration game made by Unity for Oculus Rift, proposing a relaxation simulation in a visually environment. The player would experience a sense of flight and flotation in an imaginative sky across various levels.

The goal for this project is to create a totally immersed relaxation game experience though the course requirement. The game provides the user spiritual travel within an out-of-reality world through a gentle and slow-falling experience.

A Scene of the Interactive Game Environment

A Scene of the Interactive Game Environment

Conceptual Project

Academic project for the course, Immersive Environments on the topic of immersed relaxation experience.

My Role

Project Manager, Unity Environment, Level Design, Videographer & Editor


Eleanor Qu, Han Wu


Summer, 2014


Graphics: Photoshop, Illustrator & inDesign
Video : DSLR Cameras, Audio Recorders, After Effect & Premiere
Game : Unity, Maya & Oculus Rift

Project Outcome

The project was selected as one of the top project out of the other 10 project in the course. The project was also used as a demo for future student for the course.

The project video was selected as part of the (SIAT) program promotion video.School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT)

The Play Through Experience and Concept

This was an exploration game inspired from Alice in Wonderland’s scene on falling down from the rabbit hole. The game mechanic is also inspired by stages of consciousness, dreams and meditations stages. The concept of chakra meditation stages and spirituality were used as the mapping ground to the design. The player’s goal is to across the 7 chakra cycles, reaching to the stage of inner peace for mindfulness as the final destination.

Game Components Concept

Each Level Stage inspired by Chakras Stages of Meditation

The Introduction Video

After the game were finished, I was in charge the editing of the Fall from the Sky introduction video based from the script written by the whole team. I collected and created sketches and photos, as well as the recording of B-roll for the completion of the video.

Design Process

The course objective for this exploration game is on relaxation. After deciding the sky-falling as the game experience and the implementation of meditation stages, the details in each sky stage in relationship to meditation was brainstormed among the team. Sticky notes and whiteboard were used to display and organize the ideas, by doing that, the aesthetic approach and feature objects for each sky stage were decided.

Development ProcessStoryborad

Game Development

After the final ideation, the game concept was tested within the game engine Unity. The game components were taken from existing assets or created from scratch using Maya. Programing and controls were added on later after the environment was set. I was in charge of environment design for the game and part of the programing control and triggers.

Game Development

About the Course on Immersive Environments

Introduces advanced 3D computer animation and virtual world building techniques. Integrates hands-on fundamentals with design praxis and theoretical and research concerns. Fundamentals are complemented with examples from current research and design praxis. The studio aspect of the course will include assignments focusing on specific animation and behaviour modeling techniques and a team-based design project.

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