Giantpower - Web Redesign

Web Design & Front-end Design

Not just a display manufacturer, but a product development service partner

Redesign and develop a responsive website that better represented their services and business model for their potential client to digest the information much easier.

As the provider and manufacturer for both displays and touch panels, Giantpower offers customization service with their clients to integrate a variety of innovated display solutions.




Business Inquiry, Design Research, Web Design/Front-end Design



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Giantpower Web redesig

Design for re-targeting + emphasizing in customization

Giantpower sees the growth of the emerging markets on AI and IOT products, as the customization and innovated service requirements growth, the redesign of the site reflects the opportunity to emphasize in the direction.

My goal is to make sure the redesign is responsive across different screen sizes, clear flows, and call to action, telling the story about Giantpowers’ services.

Giantpower Mobile View

The Design + Front-end

I gathered assets required from the business while working on the development and additional visual design elements needed for the site.

Along with some of the requests: 1st step of SEO Improvement, Responsive website and Multilingual ability.

Giantpower site ai

Define the Guideline and Documentations

My role is also to facilitate the design process, along with the business development and technical teams from Gaintpower, asking questions and outline the AI, Wireframes, and Visuals from both parties along the way to final project deliverable.

site ai

Before 2011


After 2019

site ai
site ai


A website is always an ongoing project and will grow over time. I was solving a variety of creative problems along the way, and having a Minimum Loveable Product delivered, not just a concept only. This new site looks about 5 months periods as this is a side project while working full time.

The redesign reflects what Giantpower’s objective and directions that they would take, making them a problem solver, not just a display manufacturer, but a product development service partner.