LoginRadius Webs Redesign

Web Design, Font-end & Wordpress

LoginRadius Business Repositing

LoginRadius was repositioning their business from Social Login Service provider to Security and Access management platform. I was the lead designer kickstarted the redesign process of their new marketing site. The goal is to make their site toward enterprise as much as possible and run away from start-up feel. I worked closely with founders(CEO, CTO) for the visual design and collaboratively developers to implement the design and development of the site.

I delivered visual design mockups, and HTML/CSS development in a WordPress platform, later on, taken the role of the webmaster of the sites. I managed developers oversea from India for plugins and backend-developments.

The sites include: -Homepage, -Career, -Product, -Resource, and -Partner Sites, and many sale/marketing landing pages.


LoginRadius - Full Time Position


Web Design, Font-end & Wordpress Development


2016 - 2018

Web Link

The site has been a change in 2019*

lr-web redesigned

LoginRadius marketing site redesign as they repositing their business

Web and Mobile SSO Data Management Security & Compliance Integrations Federation SSO Authentication

Various illustrations, iconography, photography and marketing templates(e.g. whitepapers, reports) were also created for multiple LoginRadius websites.

LoginRadius Home
LoginRadius HomeLoginRadius Home
LoginRadius Home

About LoginRadius

LoginRadius is a leading provider of cloud-based Customer Identity and Access Management solutions for mid-to-large sized companies. LoginRadius’ solution serves over 3,000 businesses with a monthly reach of 650 million users worldwide. The company has been named as an industry leader in the cIAM space by Gartner, Forrester, Kuppingercole, and Computer Weekly.

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