SFU Recreation

Graphic, Communication, Promo & Campaign

As the graphic designer of the SFU Recreation promotion team, I design promotional graphics various from print to digital media; such as print posters and social media banners. Those design materials were made by following the SFU Recreation design style guide. My role here is meant to be supporting the community of SFU for a better athletic lifestyle. The following is the highlights.


SFU Recreation


Graphic Design, Illustration, Art Direction, Promotion, Video, Social Media, Community Building


2015 - 2017


Consistency Challenge Posters

Consistency Challenge is a program promoting active daily living, asking the participants to workout out at least 30 minutes for 3 days in a week for a month; therefore the participants can enter the Challenge for the prize.


I redesign a new style for replacing the old poster. The goal here is to bring more energy and passion for the participants. My final poster is an illustrated diptych that intent to reinforce my initial goal. I have layouted a hierarchy for the title, quote, and information, to attract participants for this program.

Social Media - SFU Rec Snapchat Geofilters

I am glad to have the opportunity to design a couple Geofilters PNGs for the Snapchat’s Community and On-Demand submission. Those Geofilters are submitted for promoting the SFU Recreation social event around the Campus and facility.


T-shirt Design - SFU Camps Shirt

This is a Summer camp shirt I made for SFU Camps, a sub-division of SFU Recreation. I layouted the sponsor logos and illustrated the wolf showcasing the summer camp programs at the sides; also specially designed the inside yoke of the shirt for the sizes indications.


Events - Bunny Yoga Promotion Print and Social Media Series

Bunny Yoga is a special event for SFU Recreation to promote relaxation and help Small Animal Rescue Society for their fundraising. The event provided stress relief by giving the participant the opportunity to attend the yoga class with bunnies running around during the yoga section. This event soon become a hit after two classes were held and went became a national News.

bunny-yoga promotion material

After a couple of graphic designs and different sessions for this event. I decided to create a consistent look and feel of the graphic material for establishing a mini brand. The design is consistent with its illustration content and style but applied with different theme based on the different time around; Fall, Spring, and Holidays.

News Coverage about the Event

bunny-yoga news coverage

Web Link:CTV News

Short Video for the Social Media Post

bunny-yoga news coverage

Web Link:SFU Rec YouTube Channel

Brand Awareness and Program Promotions - SFU Recreation Murals

I was asked to redesign the existing murals to highlight the brand, recruitment, and summer camp program. Since this would be a large print about 120” X 84”, I started with small mural thumbnails from Illustrator for faster sampling and approval, going through over several iterations with my stakeholder. Finally, I send the final print job print to the print shop.

About SFU Recreation

SFU Recreation is an unique community of students, staff, faculty, and the public connected by active living and leadership development at Simon Fraser University. They are ambassadors and advocates for balanced and successful life for the university community, providing programs and services for physical activity, stress relief, social bonding, and skill learning.